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Room friendly loudspeakers by design, for music lovers

Introducing the new CTA1, a fully active cardioid floorstanding loudspeaker. Powered by internal 3ch 600 watt Hypex NCore state of the art amplifiers, 3x10" woofers/subwoofer in a cardioid flow resistance enclosure handles the bass. A large planar mid-tweeter and horn loaded dome supertweeter match the bass with well controlled forward directivity. A rear facing horn driver mounted inside the top fires into a geodesic diffusor, with DSP delay and decorrelation, creating an immersive front soundstage. A remote control allows adjustment of the diffuse radiation, including off, so that imaging/soundstage can range from mini-monitor precision, to large panel depth and width. Bass extends to 20Hz with -6db (vs monopole) cardioid sound power, giving clarity and well defined pitch in a wide variety of rooms, without any need for ungainly trapping, etc.

​Fully custom finishes available.