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Room friendly loudspeakers by design, for music lovers

Our first dipole model, the D1 looks like a traditional box, but is an open baffle. Front drivers are a 11" x 9" planar magnetic horn mid-tweeter 650 Hz-14 KHz, a 1" horn super-tweeter 14 KHz-28 KHz, a 12" mid-woofer 60 Hz-650 Hz and a 12" servo amplified subwoofer 14 Hz-60 Hz . On the rear, a 10" x 7" planar magnetic mid-tweeter fires directly behind the front horn in dipole fashion 650 Hz-18 KHz.

The system is fully active. An external box contains a dual channel Hypex and Rythmik servo amplifiers, with controls for bass levels and variable low pass crossover to best match the room.


FR: 14Hz - 28KHz +/- 3db

Subwoofer crossover frequencies 60-200 hz variable

Size: H 46" x W 13.5" x 10" D 

Weight: 110 lbs

Price $12,000/pr *various options available for finishes and customization, all amplifiers can be mounted internally, rather than external.

A review from the demo at Axpona: