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Monitor 2
Description & specifications: 2 way active bookshelf loudspeaker with supertweeter and rear firing spatial driver. 8" aluminum woofer, 9.5" x 6.5" Planar Magnetic horn loaded midtweeter, 1/2" dome super tweeter. 1" dome rear firing driver with shaped response. Sealed or rear ported cabinet. FR: 65-23,000 Hz +/- 3db, 100-13,000hz +/- 2db. Typical in room extension to below 40hz. Crossover frequencies: 1khz and 14Khz, Hypex or ICEPower amplification. Size: 20" H x 10" w x 10" d Weight: 39 lbs (41 lbs shipping) ea Available in a a wide variety of finishes, cherry shown. Price: $2400/pr
PASSIVE/ACTIVE version with 175w rms class AB woofer amplifier built in for woofer. Sensitivity 101db/2.83v, 8ohm constant (flat) Impedance - tailored for low power/SET tube amplifiers
Matching custom stands available.