Variable Soundfield Tower 1

Description & specifications: 

Fully active 4 way tower loudspeaker with open baffle bass and rear firing spatial driver.

Dual 8" aluminum midbasses in sealed enclosure, 9.5" x 6.5" Planar Magnetic horn loaded midtweeter, ribbon super tweeter, powered by 2x250w channel dsp amplifier. Rear firing horn indirect radiation driver. Dual opposing side mount/force cancelling open baffle 12" high excursion subwoofers, powered by a rear mounted 300w rms/600w peak amplifier with volume, frequency and phase adjustments available.  FR: 25-23,000 Hz +/- 3db, 100-13,000hz +/- 2db. Crossover frequencies: 1khz and 14Khz, subwoofers variable via plate amp 40hz-200hz. RCA or XLR inputs.

Size: 46" H x 10" w x 14" d Weight: 90 lbs ea Available in a a wide variety of finishes, padauk shown. Price (standard finishes): $4500/pr.


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