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Variable Soundfield Tower 3

Description & specifications:

4 way tower loudspeaker with active 12" open baffle (dipole) and 10" sealed subwoofers. 7" ScanSpeak midbass, 9.5" x 6.5" Planar Magnetic horn loaded midtweeter, 1" ribbon supertweeter. Rear firing planar horn tweeter spatial driver. Subwoofers are independently adjustable to create dipole, monopole or cardioid (mixed mode) bass radiation in room, for superior coupling to room modes and placement options, resulting in easier acheived great bass sound. Rear driver is independently driven by remote controlled class d mini-amp, so that soundfield size/depth can be varied from seat.

FR: 20Hz-40KHz +/-3db, 100-13Khz +/- 2db. Nominal impedance 8ohms, 4.2ohm minimum.